Monday, January 14, 2008

Are we still swapping?

Are we still doing the swap? Has Rae sent a gnome back out to continue on?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gnorm on his way to Rae,

I think Gnorm is a little upset with me after his visit. It started well. He visited work with me, met the kids, hung out with me at lunch and did a bunch of errands with me. It was the last errand that upset him. A trip to the dentist, I figured he should get a cleaning as long as he was there. After that he insisted we were through and that I send him back to Michigan..he should be there by Monday, if not sooner.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wake up call from Gnorm!

Hi! Amysue in Massachusetts here. I was fast asleep this morning and felt something get dropped on my legs. I just rolled over because often my husband brings a cooler with my Boost in it so that I don't try to skip the morning insulin and breakfast. When I woke up a little later I saw that there were two squareish objects on the bed and one was a box from Wisconsin! Gnorm had arrived and he brought some amazing goodies with him:
  • Vesper Sock Yarn! in an amazingly bright and cheery (especially on a cold, wet, late fall morning like today) colorway called Aquamelon.
  • A trio of delightful heartshaped soap from The Alchemic Dragon.
  • A bar of 74% cacao organic chocolate from Dagoba!!
  • A recipe I'll be making for our family Chanukah Party for Spicy Black Bean Dip.
  • Finally, the cutest, most wonderful and already cherished stitch marker ever in the shape of a tiny little gnome.
Of course, this was the moment my camera battery died and the charger went into hiding. No worries though...I have a cell phone that can take pictures! You can see Gnorm (up top) just after he came out of his box, resting with my still sleeping son! Here to the right is Gnorm with all the goodies he (and Ann in Wisconsin! Thank you!) brought with him.

Gnorm has a busy day ahead of him. He'll be going to my local LYS for a quick hello before I go to work and he'll be spending the day at my synagogue, which is were I work in the religious school.

But first...I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO SEND GNORM NEXT!!!!! I thought I had something in email from the summer, but this is a new laptop and perhaps it got lost. Please let me know where this guy is traveling next if anyone knows so that I can get him out before the end of the week!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gnorm Has Arrived!!

Gnorm arrived here in Northeast Wisconsin this past week and he's been enjoying a variety of outings with some new friends! We have more planned during the next few days and will have many pictures and details to share with you all in the near future.

Will be in touch!

Ann K.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bordercrossing: there and back again

Greetings from Gnorm! Oh, the adventures I've been having lately!

Immediately upon my arrival here in the Great White North the fun began. Emily picked me up from my hideout at the postal station (had to be cautious, given my recent run-in with the law!), and from there we quickly blended ourselves into the bustling crowds of Toronto's Chinatown. Minutes later, and there scene changed completely as we headed into Kensington Market, and into the cozy warmth of Lettuce Knit.

It was knitnight, and I was just getting acquainted with some of the knitters (and checking out the sock yarns) when I had a brush with knitting celebrity!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was kind enough to share some of her Big Fat Burrito (a Lettuce Knit tradition, I'm told), and let me get a photo with the Yarn Harlot herself.

What more could Toronto have to offer, you may ask? Lots! From the University of Toronto campus, where I got to sit in on a "Stitch & Lunch" (and cuddle up to some cashmere!)...

...To the government buildings at Queen's Park...

...To the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Ontario College of Art and Design...

And of course, the CN Tower was always there in the background!

I would have toured Toronto further, as I was enjoying getting "out and about" as the Canadians say, but I was beginning to get a bit lonesome for my homeland. Could I ever return?

Emily concocted a plan -- we daringly ditched my arrest anklet and smuggled me back across the border with a family vacation as our disguise!

Next thing I knew, I was dancing at her cousin's wedding in Richmond, Virginia and taking in the sights at Colonial Williamsburg! I rather enjoyed the shopping...

But may have had a bit of a scare with the local (if 18th Century) law!!

I think perhaps I should keep moving on, but am happy to be back in the good ol' U-S-of-A. It's rather hot in Virginia, though... maybe going northward again would be nice...


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can A Gnome Handle Freezing Weather Conditions?

I see Gnorm has recently arrived at one of his destinations during the last few days, but how's Gnuman doing? Is he MIA? Or?

Shall I expect either of these little guys PRIOR to the New Year?


I am just wanting to plan for a nice visit with one of them and seriously - Wisconsin in January and February can be very very VERY cold!!

I had plans for some outdoor adventures but may need to revisit my ideas and head into a different direction. I'm not sure Gnomes can handle such frigid weather. Maybe I should plan to knit the little guy an additional coat, socks and mittens?

When I finally do receive a visit from a Gnome at my door, I may be so surprised, I won't know what to do with him!

I will do my best,


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gnorm has arrived!

Gnorm is safe and sound in Toronto, and has already had a fun evening... You'll hear from him soon enough, but for now he's getting rested before he takes the tour of the big TO!