Thursday, September 20, 2007

Calling All Gnomes!

Looks like our gnome friends are still MIA. Can we get the ball rolling again? I would love to show Gnorm or Gnuman around Chicago in the fall and I have a package of goodies ready to send to my pal.

If people are having a hard time putting a parcel together, could you maybe just send the gnome on to your swap partner? Sometimes things come up, and we all understand that. I would be more than happy to put together an extra package for your pal.


Em said...

I agree! Where have they gone? What adventures have they been having?

I was so very much looking forward to taking a gnome around Toronto, introducing him the the kniterati, maybe even having a good reason to travel to the top of the CN tower! Gnorm & Gnuman, we miss you!

Marsha said...

As one of the people who've yet to have a chance to entertain a gnome, all I can say is "Hear! Hear!"

This swap was going so well all summer long. It seems to be stalled now. Let's hope that this is because the gnomes are enjoying themselves far too much at their current destinations (and not because they got lost!)!

I hope they hit the road again soon!

Sally said...

I agree with everything you guys have said thus far. If the gnomes are gone forever, can we adopt some new ones? I have yet to entertain a gnome, and I'd really like to!

Nichole said...

I agree as well - Rae, PLEASE help us find the gnomes or maybe get some "fresh blood" out there so we can continue the swap. Does anyone have a list of who all the gnomes have visited so we can see how many of us are still anxiously awaiting their arrival???

Rae said...

I've been in touch within the last week with both current "captors" of the gnomes. Both have promised to send them out this week, so we should be seeing them again soon.

If that fails I'd love some volunteers to help me knit some new gnomes, but I hope it doesn't come to that.