Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Off to work and to fondle some yarn we go

Today Mary took me with her when she went to work. She and Debbi work for the same company but at different locations. Mary works over 40 miles away and she gets very tired when she is driving at 6:00 a.m. so she let me take the wheel for a bit. Here I am driving along Interstate 495. It was quite an adventure.

When we arrived at work, I found out that Mary is the person that gets all the boxes off the truck - I was tired looking at her but she told me that I was going to learn a new skill today (other than driving that is) and she showed me how to steer a pallet jack to get all the skids off the large truck. The driver was quite amazed at my strength (especially since he has never seen a Gnome before and did not know that we are magical creatures).

After all that hard work, I took a nap for the rest of the day in the back room on Mary's desk. Her boss Tamara was very nice to me and let me sleep. When we got back to the house, I learned that after supper we would be heading out to the LYS to see the owner Cyndy and look at all of the beautiful yarn and other exciting items that she has there. It was GREAT. The women there were so excited to meet me. Cyndy posed for a picture with me and then took a picture of me with the Wednesday night knitting group for her blog. We took some pictures as well and after lots of discussion and some laughs we headed for home. We will be meeting up with the knitting girls tomorrow night at the hotel lounge that they knit in. Maybe I can talk them into buying me a pint or two. We will see.

Here are the pictures from The Yarn and Fiber Company in Windham, NH.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gnuman has arrived

Gnuman here. I arrived at Debbi's house in Methuen, MA on Saturday. Her sister Cheryl was kind enough to take me out of the box since Debbi was at work. It was good to get out and stretch my legs. I then learned that we would be going away for the weekend as Debbi and her family camp every weekend in the next state, NH. So off I went with Debbi's daughter and son to meet up with Debbi at her job. We then went for a little ride and arrived at the campground.

WOW!!!!!!! There were lots of people there but the kids and Debbi and her wife Mary made me feel right at home. Soon they were introducing me to some of the locals - this is Butch - AKA Santa. He is someone that lives at the Camp and is extremely nice and helpful to Debbi and her family and friends Kathy and her brother Jim. Below Butch is Debbi and Jared, her son. Kelsie and Jared are twins which I thought was very cool.

We had a very relaxing time. We watched the turtles in the pond, saw some wild life, even saw some endangered species. Here I am with Rocky the Racoon. They also have the rare Lady Slipper plant and the extremely rare and very dangerous, wild Pink Flamingoo. Also there was a very nice dog named Gilligan who lives with Kathy and her family. He did smell me but decided I was not a good dinner. Thank you Gilligan!! Look below, Mary took some great shots of me with some of my new friends.

I do have to say that I think that I have found true love. Kelsie is a dear girl and if I was just a wee bit taller I think that we would be a lovely couple. I am afraid that I am going to break her heart when I leave in a few days but I will try and let her down easily.

I also helped Kelsie with her science experiment. She is a very intelligent young lady and has worked very hard to make this work, even bringing it with her on her little holiday weekend. I hope it turns out really well.

Tomorrow I am going to work with Mary. I am sure that we will have fun there. Debbi is planning to take me to her knitting group and to her LYS so we will be very busy for the next couple of days while I am here. Debbi also wanted to make sure that I posted the picture of the goodies that came with me from Washington. She was very excited and extremely pleased.

Gnorm has left the building

Gnorm is officially on his way again. He left Seattle a happy gnome and a little more well traveled. He will be sorely missed around these parts. WE LOVE YOU GNORM!!!!

He's on his way to......wouldn't you like to know :o) I totally enjoyed this swap (thanks again Kris for my goodies!!!) and hope you all had fun reading about his adventures here in the Pacific Northwest. I can't wait to read about his and Gnumans further adventures. Thanks again Rae for hosting as well! It's been a blast!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gnorm takes on Seattle

I had a delightful day today with Stephanie and 2 of the kiddos. We went on quite the adventure!! Before we got to go out to Seattle we had to stop for some "fundage" as Stephanie called it.

Getting cash for our Seattle day trip

I'm not sure what this "fundage" thing is...but it was amazing. Stephanie went up to the machine and out came money! I want to get one of these machines as well! It seems pretty convenient.

On our way out to Seattle we had to go over the scariest bridge ever. Stephanie said it was Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. Apparently it's the longest floating bridge in the world. it sure seemed long to be over the water like that....floating or not!

Evergreen Floating Bridge

There were some cool art thingies at the end of it though. Stephanie said that they might be pretty but when it's sunny she thinks they are meant to blind the drivers.

Gnorm sees artwork in the water

She called this thing the Space Needle.

Gnorm and the Space Needle

It sure looks like it's from outter space! Who built this thing anyway?? Weird. And Stephanie said that you can ride an elevator to the top!! We didn't go though because there was some sort of festival going on and there were lots and lots of people.

Kyrin was kind enough to let me take my picture with her. I like her a lot.

Kyrin and Gnorm

Next we went downtown to the Pike Place Market.

Gnorm at the market

This place was busy. Busy like I have never seen!! People everywhere....and flying fish! I didn't get to see the flying fish but I saw the guy that catches them!

The Fish throwing guys at Pike Place

There were lots of things to see in this market. It's a big huge Farmer's Market so there were fresh fruits and fish of course..and lots of flowers.

Inside Pike Place market

We went into a cute little store that Stephanie likes. It's called Tenzing Momo. The man behind the counter really seemed to like me. He wanted to pose with me. Stephanie took our picture.

Gnorm poses inside Tenzing Momo

I was glad to get out of there. It smelled like incense and there were lots of weird herbs behind the counter. I don't even know what most of them were!!!

I decided to take a little break and sit on the biggest piggy bank I've ever seen.

Gnorm rides the giant piggy bank

It was a long day and we decided to grab some coffee (these Seattle people are a little nuts about having coffee!)

Stephanie said that this is the original Starbucks.

Gnorm at the first Starbucks

I think she wanted me to be impressed...but....I'm a gnome! I don't really like coffee. Stephanie said that was a shame. She's trying to not drink it as well but has a hard time sometimes.

On our way back home on the loooooong bridge Stephanie pointed out someone's house. This guy, she said, was a big computer type guy. She pointed out the house....I didn't see why it was so special...

Bill Gates house

She said his name is Bill Gates. She seemed to think he was a big shot. I don't really care because I don't really use the computer much....

I meant it when I said these people are serious about thier coffee. Stephanie and the kids took me through the drive thru Starbucks on the way home to bring some coffee back to the Mr.

Serious about Starbucks

Is there anywhere else that has 24 hr drive thru Starbucks? I have never heard of such a place!!

It was a great day and I really enjoyed sight seeing in Seattle. I really liked staying over at Stephanie's house and am looking forward to my next trip to...I don't know where she's sending me yet. She won't tell me. She says it's a surprise. I guess I'll see when I get there!

Thanks Stephanie and family! I've had a lot of fun!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gnorm & knitting

Today was a pretty laid back day. We were suppose to do lots of yard work but Stephanie's husband and kids went to see Shrek the third or something and we ended up just kickin' back at her house. She's been busy knitting.

Gnorm and mitt

I definitely like it! But...they are a bit too big for me. I'm kind of sad because I think I would look lovely in them!

She says we are going into Seattle tomorrow and that I will get to see some cool stuff. I sure hope so! Seattle sounds like a pretty cool place from what I've heard her saying. I'm looking forward to it!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 2 in Seattle

I am having a pleasant enough time here at Stephanie's house. She sure does have a lot of kids though! I think I counted 4. Phew. That's a lot!

So...I was initiated into their daily TV watching. I must admit....I rather like Charlie and Lola!

Gnorm watching Charlie and Lola

Her son Jaiden even let me sit with him.

kicking back watching toons

After watching cartoons for a little while we went outside to play. I've heard before that Seattle only gets rain. I don't know what they are talking about! It is really lovely and warm here! I asked some of the natives if this was how it usually is.....but....

The locals aren't saying much

They weren't saying much.

So I went outside with everyone and saw the most amazing thing ever. Stephanie claims it's a dog.

gnorm meets shimo

But I think she's mixed up. I definitely think this is some sort of small horse.

See....definintely not a dog. For sure this thing is a horse

I tried to ride it but he didn't seem to like that much. I still think Stephanie is crazy. That is *not* a dog.

We're going to play some more today and then Stephanie was talking about Saturday and something called "yard work". I'm not quite sure what that is yet...but if I get to play outside then I'll be happy! I can't wait for my trip into Seattle on Sunday. I've overheard Stephanie talking about some places we get to go to. I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blame It On The Drugs

Hello Everyone!

I just have to send out a quick apology to my secret pal (who won't be so secret before too long) and everyone else who is anxiously awaiting Gnuman's arrival at his next destination. In my drug addled state on Saturday, I didn't give proper directions to my "personal assistant" (DH) and Mr. Gnuman was sent Fed Ex and wasn't actually shipped out until Monday afternoon (he missed his connecting flight on Saturday afternoon). This means he won't arrive at his next destination until Saturday :( I'm awfully sorry, but he should get there very soon! I'm not blaming it on DH, but I will blame it on the drugs which unfortunately, didn't even give me any exciting hallucinations. Thanks everybody for your patience!

BTW: I forgot to mention when Gnuman was visiting, that my elementary school mascot was actually a gnome! I wanted to take Gnuman by for a photo op, but they're doing construction near the school and it would have been impossible to get into the lot. Besides, some of the parents might have gotten kind of freaked at seeing a grown woman carrying around a gnome and snapping shots of herself with said gnome in front of the school!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gnorm Arrives in Seattle!

I was delighted to see Gnorm on my doorstep today. We have already started our adventures together!

Gnorm was the bringer of many delightful things! Here is the swappy goodness I got from Kris.

Gnorm arrives with lots of goodies!

Can you see that yarn. Oh...the yarn. It's luscious. I actually got goosebumps when I saw it. It's beautiful! And a personalized candle?...I am a lucky girl!!!

yarn and candle!

There were some other serious goodies too. Chocolates and magnets and lipbalm (my daughter has already stolen it) So Thanks again Kris! Now I'll turn the stage over to Gnorm....after all...he is the guest ya know.

Hi! Gnorm here! I just arrived in Kirkland, WA today. I don't really know where that is but Stephanie assures me that it's right outside of Seattle. I was so glad to get out and stretch my legs after that long "plane ride" I got to take. It was dark in there! Well...Stephanie already had a fun afternoon planned! I got to join her in a trip to the yarn store (I do so love yarn stores!)

Before we got going I did inspect her goodies. It all looks good! I approve!

Gnorm approves

It does however remind me of the seat I had on "the plane" It looks eerily familiar.....

Yarn Shop!!

opening the door for Stephanie

That door was a bit heavy but I was trying to be gentlemanly. I think Stephanie really appreciated it.

Oh my....I really liked these yarns.

Snuggling up with some Yarn Pirate yarn

I tried to take a little nap in them but Stephanie said we would be meeting someone soon so I didn't have enough time.

Does this color compliment my skin tone?

Gnorm and scarf

Finally I got to sit down with Stephanie. She put a basket of something good smelling on the table. I couldn't get a good look so I got a little closer.

Gnorm and soap

It was soap! She had a basket of soap! She explained that these were the reason we were at the yarn shop. Stephanie was meeting up with Georgia to swap some soaps for yarn. I didn't know why she was so excited until she told me that the yarns I really wanted to sleep on were Georgia's hand painted yarns! Georgia is the Yarn Pirate! I am so honored that I got to meet her. Georgia was quite nice. I think she wanted to kiss me......but instead I talked her into looking really pretty with me instead.

Yarn Pirate!

They both had a nice chat but I didn't listen for too long...I did finally get to take a nap on the yarn that Stephanie had traded her for. It was a good nap.

I think Stephanie said that we were going to go into Seattle on Sunday. I can't wait. It's been a good trip so far and I think I'll be meeting the rest of the family tomorrow. I can't wait. Washington seems pretty cool so far!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gnorm is tucked in his box and heading to...

can't tell you where, silly! :) But...Gnorm is traveling via USPS with delivery confirmation to another home for a week. It's off to the post office we go! We really enjoyed Gnorm's visit to New Hampshire and have sent pics, a postcard, and goodies to the next host. Enjoy the week!
P.S. Rae, my little Annie is VERY appreciative of her horse dog's her new favorite....
a big thank you from a little canine. :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gnuman's On His Way!

Gnuman is now officially on his way to his next stop - Sshhh, it's a secret where he's headed! My husband sent him on his way yesterday and he should be on to his next destination shortly. We hope he has a safe trip and enjoyed his time here in Washington State. We sure enjoyed having him for a visit! I think our puppies might be wondering where their new playmate went....

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped to comment on our posts about his visit and for all the thoughtful well wishes on my knee (things are progressing pretty well :) And many thanks again to Rae for putting together such a fun swap and for all the delightful goodies.

Have a great trip Gnuman! And have a great time with your new friends!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gnorm in NH...a bit of this and a bit of that

Gnorm says hello from Goffstown, New Hampshire! Here's what he was spending his Thursday with our family. Photos are a bit mixed up...but here we go.
We started the day with pancakes, and REAL maple syrup, which New England is well know for. I found Gnorm sitting on the windowsill, slugging down the syrup while I was doing the breakfast dishes.
The kids and I then headed to the homeschool group which meets on Tuesdays and was yearbook signing day, so he added his two cents and a few comments to a few yearbooks
with one of my students, below. Gnorm was VERY POPULAR with the Jr and Sr teens...

Next, Gnorm and I share my daily favorite...a large Dunkin Donuts coffee, while knitting socks.Other moms and I spend Mom time, knitting, cross stitching, etc. while the kids have class time. Gnorm stayed close to me so he wouldn't disappear with a wee one. It was a long day, so when we returned home, Gnorm snuggled up with my youngster for rest time.
Gnorm helped himself to a bag of Peanuts for a quick pick-me-up snack, and then met...Annie...the puppy, through the kennel door.


We ended the day with a "memorial" for Mrs. and Mr. Duck, who were whisked away by a fox or fisher cat this week (see my blog for details). This photo is Gnorm, spending a quiet time reflecting on our deceased fowl he's never met...

As far as sightseeing here in New Hampshire...its' been 40-45 degrees the past 2 days, and raining like the Dickens. We'll see what "touristy" stuff we can see today before he's send on his way in a few hours to ____________. Can't tell you where he's heading next...but he's coming with a box full of goodies.