Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gnorm Arrives in Seattle!

I was delighted to see Gnorm on my doorstep today. We have already started our adventures together!

Gnorm was the bringer of many delightful things! Here is the swappy goodness I got from Kris.

Gnorm arrives with lots of goodies!

Can you see that yarn. Oh...the yarn. It's luscious. I actually got goosebumps when I saw it. It's beautiful! And a personalized candle?...I am a lucky girl!!!

yarn and candle!

There were some other serious goodies too. Chocolates and magnets and lipbalm (my daughter has already stolen it) So Thanks again Kris! Now I'll turn the stage over to Gnorm....after all...he is the guest ya know.

Hi! Gnorm here! I just arrived in Kirkland, WA today. I don't really know where that is but Stephanie assures me that it's right outside of Seattle. I was so glad to get out and stretch my legs after that long "plane ride" I got to take. It was dark in there! Well...Stephanie already had a fun afternoon planned! I got to join her in a trip to the yarn store (I do so love yarn stores!)

Before we got going I did inspect her goodies. It all looks good! I approve!

Gnorm approves

It does however remind me of the seat I had on "the plane" It looks eerily familiar.....

Yarn Shop!!

opening the door for Stephanie

That door was a bit heavy but I was trying to be gentlemanly. I think Stephanie really appreciated it.

Oh my....I really liked these yarns.

Snuggling up with some Yarn Pirate yarn

I tried to take a little nap in them but Stephanie said we would be meeting someone soon so I didn't have enough time.

Does this color compliment my skin tone?

Gnorm and scarf

Finally I got to sit down with Stephanie. She put a basket of something good smelling on the table. I couldn't get a good look so I got a little closer.

Gnorm and soap

It was soap! She had a basket of soap! She explained that these were the reason we were at the yarn shop. Stephanie was meeting up with Georgia to swap some soaps for yarn. I didn't know why she was so excited until she told me that the yarns I really wanted to sleep on were Georgia's hand painted yarns! Georgia is the Yarn Pirate! I am so honored that I got to meet her. Georgia was quite nice. I think she wanted to kiss me......but instead I talked her into looking really pretty with me instead.

Yarn Pirate!

They both had a nice chat but I didn't listen for too long...I did finally get to take a nap on the yarn that Stephanie had traded her for. It was a good nap.

I think Stephanie said that we were going to go into Seattle on Sunday. I can't wait. It's been a good trip so far and I think I'll be meeting the rest of the family tomorrow. I can't wait. Washington seems pretty cool so far!


"Schnauzermum" said...

I can't believe you know Georgia and are surrounded by all of that Yarn Pirate yarn!!!! I almost sent you a yarn pirate skein of pink/brown sock yarn...but I kept it to myself. SO nice!!! I've never seen more than one skein of YP at once...what eye candy your photo is!
Thanks for the photos...and glad you like your package.
Kris in NH

"Schnauzermum" said...
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Knittymuggins said...

The pics are great Stephanie! Thanks for sharing :) It's also great to hear from another Pacific Northwesterner! I tried to leave you a comment on the meme post you have on your blog after I tagged you for the 7 random facts, but for some reason that post doesn't seem to have the capability (or else I'm just dumb, which could totally be true!). Anyway, thanks for playing along. Hope you're feeling better & have fun with Gnorm!