Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gnorm takes on Seattle

I had a delightful day today with Stephanie and 2 of the kiddos. We went on quite the adventure!! Before we got to go out to Seattle we had to stop for some "fundage" as Stephanie called it.

Getting cash for our Seattle day trip

I'm not sure what this "fundage" thing is...but it was amazing. Stephanie went up to the machine and out came money! I want to get one of these machines as well! It seems pretty convenient.

On our way out to Seattle we had to go over the scariest bridge ever. Stephanie said it was Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. Apparently it's the longest floating bridge in the world. it sure seemed long to be over the water like that....floating or not!

Evergreen Floating Bridge

There were some cool art thingies at the end of it though. Stephanie said that they might be pretty but when it's sunny she thinks they are meant to blind the drivers.

Gnorm sees artwork in the water

She called this thing the Space Needle.

Gnorm and the Space Needle

It sure looks like it's from outter space! Who built this thing anyway?? Weird. And Stephanie said that you can ride an elevator to the top!! We didn't go though because there was some sort of festival going on and there were lots and lots of people.

Kyrin was kind enough to let me take my picture with her. I like her a lot.

Kyrin and Gnorm

Next we went downtown to the Pike Place Market.

Gnorm at the market

This place was busy. Busy like I have never seen!! People everywhere....and flying fish! I didn't get to see the flying fish but I saw the guy that catches them!

The Fish throwing guys at Pike Place

There were lots of things to see in this market. It's a big huge Farmer's Market so there were fresh fruits and fish of course..and lots of flowers.

Inside Pike Place market

We went into a cute little store that Stephanie likes. It's called Tenzing Momo. The man behind the counter really seemed to like me. He wanted to pose with me. Stephanie took our picture.

Gnorm poses inside Tenzing Momo

I was glad to get out of there. It smelled like incense and there were lots of weird herbs behind the counter. I don't even know what most of them were!!!

I decided to take a little break and sit on the biggest piggy bank I've ever seen.

Gnorm rides the giant piggy bank

It was a long day and we decided to grab some coffee (these Seattle people are a little nuts about having coffee!)

Stephanie said that this is the original Starbucks.

Gnorm at the first Starbucks

I think she wanted me to be impressed...but....I'm a gnome! I don't really like coffee. Stephanie said that was a shame. She's trying to not drink it as well but has a hard time sometimes.

On our way back home on the loooooong bridge Stephanie pointed out someone's house. This guy, she said, was a big computer type guy. She pointed out the house....I didn't see why it was so special...

Bill Gates house

She said his name is Bill Gates. She seemed to think he was a big shot. I don't really care because I don't really use the computer much....

I meant it when I said these people are serious about thier coffee. Stephanie and the kids took me through the drive thru Starbucks on the way home to bring some coffee back to the Mr.

Serious about Starbucks

Is there anywhere else that has 24 hr drive thru Starbucks? I have never heard of such a place!!

It was a great day and I really enjoyed sight seeing in Seattle. I really liked staying over at Stephanie's house and am looking forward to my next trip to...I don't know where she's sending me yet. She won't tell me. She says it's a surprise. I guess I'll see when I get there!

Thanks Stephanie and family! I've had a lot of fun!!


Knittymuggins said...

Great pics Stephanie! So glad you got all the essential Seattle sights in for everyone else to see. Us Washingtonians have to represent, right? Glad you had so much fun and thanks for sharing :)

Sally said...

Ha, this is fabulous! Can't wait to get my gnome.

Jodi said...

Looks like that little gnome had an awesome time! Now I want to visit Seattle, too.

Love the Space Needle and the piggy bank shots.