Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blame It On The Drugs

Hello Everyone!

I just have to send out a quick apology to my secret pal (who won't be so secret before too long) and everyone else who is anxiously awaiting Gnuman's arrival at his next destination. In my drug addled state on Saturday, I didn't give proper directions to my "personal assistant" (DH) and Mr. Gnuman was sent Fed Ex and wasn't actually shipped out until Monday afternoon (he missed his connecting flight on Saturday afternoon). This means he won't arrive at his next destination until Saturday :( I'm awfully sorry, but he should get there very soon! I'm not blaming it on DH, but I will blame it on the drugs which unfortunately, didn't even give me any exciting hallucinations. Thanks everybody for your patience!

BTW: I forgot to mention when Gnuman was visiting, that my elementary school mascot was actually a gnome! I wanted to take Gnuman by for a photo op, but they're doing construction near the school and it would have been impossible to get into the lot. Besides, some of the parents might have gotten kind of freaked at seeing a grown woman carrying around a gnome and snapping shots of herself with said gnome in front of the school!

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