Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wake up call from Gnorm!

Hi! Amysue in Massachusetts here. I was fast asleep this morning and felt something get dropped on my legs. I just rolled over because often my husband brings a cooler with my Boost in it so that I don't try to skip the morning insulin and breakfast. When I woke up a little later I saw that there were two squareish objects on the bed and one was a box from Wisconsin! Gnorm had arrived and he brought some amazing goodies with him:
  • Vesper Sock Yarn! in an amazingly bright and cheery (especially on a cold, wet, late fall morning like today) colorway called Aquamelon.
  • A trio of delightful heartshaped soap from The Alchemic Dragon.
  • A bar of 74% cacao organic chocolate from Dagoba!!
  • A recipe I'll be making for our family Chanukah Party for Spicy Black Bean Dip.
  • Finally, the cutest, most wonderful and already cherished stitch marker ever in the shape of a tiny little gnome.
Of course, this was the moment my camera battery died and the charger went into hiding. No worries though...I have a cell phone that can take pictures! You can see Gnorm (up top) just after he came out of his box, resting with my still sleeping son! Here to the right is Gnorm with all the goodies he (and Ann in Wisconsin! Thank you!) brought with him.

Gnorm has a busy day ahead of him. He'll be going to my local LYS for a quick hello before I go to work and he'll be spending the day at my synagogue, which is were I work in the religious school.

But first...I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO SEND GNORM NEXT!!!!! I thought I had something in email from the summer, but this is a new laptop and perhaps it got lost. Please let me know where this guy is traveling next if anyone knows so that I can get him out before the end of the week!


Marsha said...

Congratulations, Gnorm, on reaching your next destination! Looking forward to seeing where you end up next.

Where is Gnuman these days? It's been a while since we had news of him...

Rae said...

Hi Amysue,
I just resent the email with your pals contact details to you. Let me know if you don't get it.

Gnuman is declared officially MIA, but this is Gnorms last stop, so I'll be sending him out to finish up Gnuman's route.

Thanks Everybody~

Ann K. said...

Yayyy.. I'm pleased you received him. I certainly thought he would have reached you prior to the holiday.

I have lots of pics and stuff to share about his adventures here in WI.. have been having problems with my laptop. Will share soon.

I'm happy you enjoy the goodies I've sent as well... Those items are some of my favorite things. :)

Nichole said...

YEAH - so glad to hear Gnorm made it along...

Rae - how many more stops did Gnuman have? Thank you for sending Gnorm back out, some of us are anxious to get personalized gifts to our pals that we got and have been waiting all these months to get one of the boys to pass along! :)

Rae said...

Gnuman had 7 more stops (one of the last ones is over seas... so that might take a little extra time shipping wise)
Hopefully once Gnorm takes over things will move along on that trek...