Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can A Gnome Handle Freezing Weather Conditions?

I see Gnorm has recently arrived at one of his destinations during the last few days, but how's Gnuman doing? Is he MIA? Or?

Shall I expect either of these little guys PRIOR to the New Year?


I am just wanting to plan for a nice visit with one of them and seriously - Wisconsin in January and February can be very very VERY cold!!

I had plans for some outdoor adventures but may need to revisit my ideas and head into a different direction. I'm not sure Gnomes can handle such frigid weather. Maybe I should plan to knit the little guy an additional coat, socks and mittens?

When I finally do receive a visit from a Gnome at my door, I may be so surprised, I won't know what to do with him!

I will do my best,


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Nichole said...

Hmm.. wonder where the boys are now???