Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gnuman in Everybody's Hometown

Hello from Media, PA!

I arrived at Dana's house last week, but managed to get put in a hiding spot (a.k.a. the living room) until someone told her to look! When she freed me from my suitcase, she was thrilled to find that I arrived safe and sound with these goodies from Debbi:

There was a skein of Trekking XXL in a great colorway, some tea and other treats. She loved the Cool Crochet yarn, the Yarn mug (now holding pencils on her craft table), stitchmarkers, and even the little gnome on a bunny figure. Dana loved them everything, but really fell in love with me. Unfortunately, she was a bit laid up with some family stuff and her approaching knee surgery (6/27/07). Things were really crazy for her, so my arrival came just in time to cheer her up. Even with the limp, she managed to show me a good time over the weekend.

We started a beautiful Saturday morning at A.C. Moore, where she went to pick up a couple balls of cotton for dishcloths. Can you spot me hiding among the cotton?

It was off to start a dishcloth from that cotton while getting a little mani-pedi action. Don't we look relaxed? Just what I needed after a long trip from MA.

Next, we stopped at Dana's LYS, Finely a Knitting Party, to visit Cathy (the shop owner and Dana's knitting teacher) and the other knitters there. What a great little shop! The "Starbucks Corner" is the newest addition at the shop for friends to sit and knit, and I got to stop for a spell there and do some more relaxing while Dana knitting a bit.

We got up bright and early on Sunday morning (6:45AM) to sneak off to Dana's favorite knitting place: the Plum Street Mall in Media. We stopped for coffee & a muffin at the Seven Stones Cafe, then knitting as the town woke up. Media is such a great little town, just 12 miles outside of Philadelphia. Did you know it is the first Fair Trade Town in the US? And the last suburban town in America with a trolley running down the main street?

I really had a great time with Dana in Media. Even her 2 dogs, Dizzle & Mini enjoyed my visit.

Uh oh... looks like I'm going back into the trunk for another adventure! Where am I off to next?

Public Service Announcement: Please warn your loved ones of my pending arrival so they don't bring my package inside off the front step and put you in an inconspicuous location.


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Nichole said...

Great pics!!! Hope you are doing better.