Saturday, June 23, 2007

In Provo now

Greetings from Utah!
So I arrived in Provo, UT on Friday afternoon, all tidied up in a box (I'm in the bottom box).

Heather was trying to hurry home to get her laundry done, but was very glad, she said, to have an excuse to not do laundry (aka, open up all her wonderful goodies) Thanks, Jae! Now we need to find a beautiful project for that beautiful yarn! You should have heard Heather's excitement! She swears to me that she hasn't acted that girly in a long time. She is in love with the yarn.

But because laundry was imminent, we did stop by the laundromat.

Heather had to go to the yarn store, too. So we went there. Heindselman's is 6 blocks from Heather's house and it's the oldest yarn store in the country.
When we went inside, the first thing the ladies asked was to see me!
"Can we see your doll?"
Ack, they called me a doll! I'm a very serious (albeit adorable) gnome! NOT a doll! Ugh!

Heather had taken some pictures in the store, but for some reason, she couldn't find them on the camera! Alas! I guess she'll have to make another stop there this afternoon or Monday (oh woe is us! haha!)

We had a great and adventurous morning this Saturday! We hiked a mountain! This one to be exact. More photos later!

And yes, that is the letter "Y" on the mountain.



Nichole said...

So we have to ask... why a y?
Anyone heard from Gnuman??!!

jae said...

Whew! I was so concerned he wouldn't make it before your getaway weekend. I'm glad he arrived safe and sound!