Friday, June 1, 2007

My oh My oh My

Last night Debbi took me to meet the knitting ladies, Julie, Crystal, Christine and Kathy. We met at the hotel that they knit at and we enjoyed some beverages and dinner and did some knitting and Julie was kind enough to make some origimi book marks to send with me when I leave here and go to my next destination. Debbi and I hope that my next pal will enjoy them. I am looking forward to traveling again. I believe that I will be leaving here on Saturday (if Cheryl will take me to the post office) and I should arrive at my next destination on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. Debbi, Mary and the kids will miss me (according to Debbi) and I them.
Friday A.M.

Today I was kidnapped (or Gnomenapped as the case may be) by Debbi's sister Cheryl. She is a lovely lady who works at a school for goodness sakes. She decided that the kids and the teachers and the workers at the Thompson School in North Andover would love for me to visit so off we went. Here I am in front of one of the sweatshirts. Thanks be to God, the Tiger is not real or I would not be making it to my next destination.

I had lots of fun with the kids and with a wonderful woman named Amy that runs the office of the school. She and Cheryl are great chums and laughed a lot at the thought of a Gnome at school. After meeting Amy, Cheryl and I went into the Cafeteria which is where she works (she is a lunch monitor and runs the cash register. Here I got to share her salad with her and she even gave me a few sips of her iced coffee (I would have preferred a pint but it was a little early in the day)

I thought that was all for the day but some of the children wanted to hold a real live Gnome so Cheryl let them.

The only problem is that ice cream and knitted Gnomes don't really go well together (I am clean now). The custodian John Mullen needed a little help in the clean up department before lunch time so I obliged him as I wanted to make sure that everyone was happy during my little visit. So I showed him how to push the broom around to make the floors really clean. He seemed to like my way of doing it.

After I finished up my work with John, I had to help in the kitchen. Here I am opening the oven door so that they could put the pizza in for lunch for the kids. I have to say when I got home it was nice to lay down and take a little nap.

Tomorrow it is off to the Post Office so watch your mailboxes ladies, I may be coming to your town next.


Stephanie said...

It looks like Gnuman had a grand time in your neck of the woods! I can't wait to see where he ends up next!

Nichole said...

Where's Gnorm? We haven't heard from him since he left Seattle....