Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gnorm is in DC

Well, Gnorm arrived yesterday, but the Post Office wanted me to wait until today to retrieve him. After one trip that was aborted due to severe weather, I made it to the post office, which fortunately for Gnorm, was freezing cold. The rain had cooled down the weather, so I opened up the box in the Post Office, so Gnorm could see the post office. No, really, it was so he could appreciate the ride home.
We stopped and took a peak at Rock Creek Park.
Gnorm checks out Rock Creek Park
And I showed Gnorm the lions on the bridge on 16th Street. A passerby called Gnorm a muppet, but I told Gnorm that gnome appreciation was something we are all working on. And really, muppets are nice. Anyway Gnorm thought they looked more like tigers, so we looked it up - and he was right - they are tigers, not lions.

Well, then we came home and I unpacked the goodies that Gnorm brought with him from Heather.

Wow, yarn, a hat pattern, yummy fine fabric wash - which may have been what helped Gnorm smell so great, and Mallo Cups!
Stay tuned for more adventures!


The_Add_Knitter said...

Glad you got him, cheers!

Nichole said...

Great to see Gnorm!