Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gnuman makes the rounds

For the past few days, I've been hanging around the house. We've had some child craziness (i.e., Jennifer had to give the kids her undivided attention and couldn't get to the Grand Tour) and a summer Nor'easter (Jennifer did not want me to get wet). So today, I got to hit the local roads with her.

First, Jennifer took the boys to camp and came back to drop off Baby Girl for a walk. Our plans for the tour were again delayed as Jennifer had to pick up three full changes of clothes, shoes and bathing suits because the boys played in water on the playground before camp began and used up their clothing changes. This is why Jennifer did not take me to camp. I went with her on the clothing run. Then we went to Jennifer's mother's house to help with a yarn project. Here is the house Jennifer grew up in:

The two windows in the upper left corner are in Jennifer's bedroom. It's still a bedroom, but it also houses her mother's stash.

On a side note, Jennifer pointed out the house two doors down. Those neighbors had a son Jennifer's age and were friendly with David Copperfield's parents. Yes, the magician David Copperfield grew up in Metuchen! Jennifer actually remembers a birthday party where he performed magic for the children! Also, when she was in high school, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous filmed part of a segment on David Copperfield in her chemistry class. Her chemistry teacher notably told David Copperfield to give up the magic because it wouldn't get him anywhere.

Back to the yarn project. Jennifer's mother, Margery, decided she wanted open bins to store her stash. So now, the bins (bookshelves) were assembled and we watched as Margery began to sort and store the yarn:

That's me snuggled in with the cashmere; Jennifer and Margery say I have good taste in yarn. Here's a close up:

It looks like a yarn store in there! I heard Jennifer ask her mother for a house account. It was approved. Lucky Jennifer!

We then went home to take Baby Girl to her swim lesson and lunch, and then back to camp to retrieve the boys. Here I am in the car:

That pouch with the numbers is Jennifer's most favorite knitting accessory (a brilliantly designed sock project pouch with an accessory/notions pouch from Piddleloop) and contains a sock in progress. The boys were excited to see me. On the way home, they insisted I see the diggers and bulldozers doing construction at Metuchen High School:

Before nap, they promised to introduce me to Crocus the gnome! I'll tell you about the afternoon in the next post.

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