Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gnorm made it to NJ!!

I had a nice little nap at the Hammonton Post Office while I was waiting for Lia to pick me up. Millie, the Postmistress, took good care of me. Saturday morning, I was snoozing when the box started to move. I heard Millie and Lia chatting, and off we went. Lia opened the box, and I jumped out. She introduced me to Daniel, her step-son, and I learned that we were off to pick blackberries - YUM!

We went to Russo's farm and got lots of yummy fruit. Here I am with our haul. Everyone was very interested in me, and Lia told them all about my recent travels. Here I am with the nice lady from the farm.

After the farm, Lia and Daniel took me to Lia's favorite yarn shop, Woolbearers. I got to meet Myra and all the other ladies at the shop. There was a spinning demo going on, and it was very interesting. Daniel had never seen that before, so he asked lots of questions. To be honest, they were the same questions I would have asked, but I just sat there nodding knowledgeably as he asked away! We walked around the store, and I got to pet all of the very soft and yummy yarns. Daniel was on the hunt for something shiny, and Myra helped him find a shiny button. I sat in a cozy loop of Woolbear's hand-dyed yarn while Myra packed up all of Lia's goodies. Then we were off for home.

Lia got busy and made blackberry jam with some of the fat juicy berries we picked. She made some honey oatmeal bread and a mixed berry cake - I can't wait until dessert and breakfast tomorrow! Lia has more excitement planned to tomorrow - we are going to visit her Mom and go to a NJ diner - how fun! After all this, we were tuckered out. Lia will open the rest of the package in the morning.


Lorraine said...

So glad Gnorm made it okay. Enjoy the rest of the goodies.

Nichole said...

Great pics... is Gnorm en route to his next destination or still hanging in Jersey? :)

Nichole said...

Anyone heard from the "boys" in the past 2 weeks??