Monday, July 9, 2007

Gnuman Lands in Indiana

Gnuman landed in Indiana on Thursday and has had an interesting stay so far. He brought along some delightful treats from Dana . I already broke out the stitchmarkers to use this weekend. :)
When Gnuman discovered that I was going on a trip that evening he asked to go along. Caitlynn agreed to pose for a picture with him and he was quite taken with her. It was especially hard to convince him that we still had lots of things to see back in West Lafayette, IN.
Today I had a strange day, Kelli was kind enough to take me to work with her so that I wouldn't get bored at her house. With all of the fiber around, I assured her that I wouldn't be bored, but she insisted that it would be fun to see a graduate student's office. First I met her boss, they call him Pops.

Next I had quite a time watching the delivery trucks out the window and hanging out with Herbie the office plant.
Next I checked out Kelli's desk and helped her while she worked.
Then I decided to look at some of the educational material in her office and learned about body condition scoring in horses. It was very enlightening.After meeting this beauty, I truly understood why Kelli came to work. It was with reluctance that I took myself over to the Japanese display where I met another lovely bear.

At this point, it was time to leave for the day. Kelli tells me that we're going to explore Purdue campus tomorrow before she sends me on my way.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Looks like you guys a great time!!

Nichole said...

Gnuman's making friends!!!