Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gnuman Views Purdue

My day was most interesting again as Kelli showed me around Purdue. Here I am at the original gate to Purdue. It was donated by the class of 1897 and has been moved and widened several times. Kelli told me that Purdue was founded in 1869 and named after a man who donated land to start the University, John Purdue. Straight through this walkway is the University building which is the oldest building in continuous use on campus.
Here I am at the Hello Walk. The Hello Walk used to be right by State Street, but to protect it, it was moved to the center of the Memorial Mall.
Apparently they have some strange people in Indiana. This is the grave of John Purdue. He is buried right on the Memorial Mall and his grave site was part of the promise the University board made when accepting his land donation.
This is the famous Lion's fountain. It was donated by the class of 1903 and there is a legend that says the Lion's roar when a virgin walks past. Supposedly the Lion hasn't roared in 40 years.
I was mightily taken by the Purdue University welcome sign, but a bit confused as to why it is in the center of campus instead of on the edge.
My trip wouldn't have been complete without viewing the 4-H flag that had been in space.
Hovde Hall is where the students go to register and pay for their classes. I tried to convince the desk clerk that I was a student, but she didn't believe me. I'm sitting above the plaque on the left.
After a long day of sightseeing and touring, it was time to go to one of Purdue's greatest institutions, Pappy's! The staff there were very nice about taking a picture and even posed with me. I blushed quite a bit as two of the ladies kept telling me I was handsome. Next time I come to visit, I'm going to enjoy a big milkshake from Pappy's, I was just too tired to have one this time.

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