Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gnuman Arrives in NJ!

About 3 p.m. today, I was deposited on Jennifer's doorstep in Metuchen, NJ. It was hot, muggy, and there was a gentle thud of another box being placed on top of me. Jennifer didn't open me until about 5 p.m., but I did hear her "Wow!" of surprise when she lifted my box and realized how heavy it was. As she lifted out the layers to find me, I heard her exclaiming about how Kelli just outdid herself! Being as Jennifer's children were out of the house, she immediately brought me outside for photos; we didn't have much time, though, because she had to make dinner for the crew.

Here's a picture of me getting my first airing in Jennifer's backyard:

As you can see, I have a new companion to keep me company in my travel box, so the trip wasn't as lonely or dull as it could have been. Jennifer tells me that at the base of the (barely visible) fence post to the left of the rabbit is Crocus the Gnome, who has been anxiously awaiting my arrival all summer. She didn't introduce me tonight because the ground was too wet from a rainstorm.

Jennifer asked me to tell you just how generous Kelli was: she sent 3 skeins of Lamb's Pride in a lovely shade of pink; one skein of Alpaca With A Twist Fino in a slightly darker shade of pink; Amish Country Midnight Blue Popcorn for popping; a sheep journal; and Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial hand soap in Country Apple scent. From what Jennifer tells me, they can really use the soap, and I'll she what she means tomorrow. We didn't have time to take pictures of the treats, but we'll get to it soon.

We have an early start tomorrow: I'm going to surprise the children at breakfast and join them on their day (Jennifer's a "retired" lawyer who's now a stay-at-home mom to four children). We have swim class tomorrow at 8:15 a.m. I may go along for the ride, but I'm definitely not joining them in the pool! Rain is in the forecast, but if it's not raining, we'll take a walk around town and see the "sights". Jennifer says that Metuchen has been around since the late 1600's, and there's even a house that was supposedly a tavern during the Revolutionary War and is reported to be haunted.

Oh, and that other box: Jennifer's Yarn Pirate Booty Club package. It was a big day for yarn!

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